Advanced liquid nutrition with TMax nutrient uptake activator
Liquid fertilizers are a direct and effective way of giving the grass plant the right nutrients at the right time. The Greenmaster Liquids range gives turf managers a reliable, safe and flexible way to feed their turf.


Greenmaster Liquid
• Contains TMax, the powerful nutrient uptake activator for maximum performance
• Suitable for use on all managed turf
• Reliable, consistent colour for between 2-6 weeks, depending on rate, with no rapid tail-off
• Trace elements chelated for improved availability of nutrients
• Flexible application rates
• Tank mixable with other liquid products from Everris* for optimum results, including Greenmaster Blade bio stimulant, H2Pro wetting agent, Effect Iron Fe and Primo Maxx plant growth regulator
* Ca-Booster is not tank-mixable

Recommended usage: greens,
tees, fairways, sports fields,
amenity turf
Longevity: 2-6 weeks
Technology: TMax

Pro Turf



Greenmaster Liquid

Sierraform GT

Spreader table for Everris rotary spreaders


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