Delivers Potassium and Silica in a controlled way
SierraformGT slow-release fertilizer is ideal for use on managed turf that is mown to less than 6mm because of its very fine granule size.
Each granule contains all of the nutrients turf requires, resulting in even growth and colour. They disperse quickly into the sward preventing them from being picked up by mowers.



• Micro granules (0.7-1.4mm) for even distribution and rapid dispersal
• Combines slow-release Nitrogen and Potassium for strength and resilience, plus Silica and trace elements in each granule
• Affords optimum protection against stress from cold, heat, drought, wear and disease

Recommended usage: greens,
tees, fairways, sports fields
Longevity: 6-8 weeks
Technology: MU2 + SilK

Pro Turf



Greenmaster Liquid

Sierraform GT

Spreader table for Everris rotary spreaders


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