dnl1 Sportsmaster WSF High K 15-0-43

dnl1 Sportsmaster WSF High N 35-0-14


Premium soluble fertilizers for enhanced foliar and root nutrient uptake
Sportsmaster water soluble fertilizers provide turf managers with a range of products that cover all turf nutrition requirements in one convenient liquid application. Each combines high quality nutrients for both foliar and root uptake, along with chelated trace elements and additional NPK ratios to boost growth. The chelating agents, nutrient uptake accelerators, vitamins and surfactants in TMax, Everris’ unique chelating technology, provide improved efficiency.


Sportsmaster WSF
• Wide choice of analyses for accurate nutrient input throughout the year
• Extremely safe to use due to high quality nutrient sources and a low salt index
• Contains TMax nutrient uptake technology
• Produces consistent colour with no rapid tail-off
• Highly concentrated products for excellent value on large area applications
• Can be tank-mixed with Primo Maxx and complements granular technologies in the Everris product range as part of an iTurf programme

Area of use: greens, tees,
fairways, sports fields,
amenity turf
Longevity: 2-4 weeks
Technology: TMax

Pro Turf



Greenmaster Liquid

Sierraform GT

Spreader table for Everris rotary spreaders


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