To get the very best results from your fertilizer, it’s essential to apply it accurately.

Everris spreaders are durable, easy to use, and offer turf managers the very best in application efficiency.



AccuPro 2000

Rotary Spreader

• Larger 139 Turf Saver 2 pneumatic wheels for an easier push
• Larger diameter frame is more durable
• Patented Helical Cone for a uniform, consistent spread pattern
• Extended handle with tuff-foam grips for added comfort



Rotary Spreader

Has all the features of the new AccuPro 2000 Rotary Spreader plus:
• New and improved larger diameter, more durable stainless steel frame
• Positive on-off side deflector provides effective product delivery control
• Standard port shut-off control for greater application efficiency






dnl1 Spreader Table for Everris Rotary Spreaders


Top fertilizers need top spreaders



Pro Turf



Greenmaster Liquid

Sierraform GT

Spreader table for Everris rotary spreaders


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